Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just dragged along...

All I wanted to do was be able to view Tom Betts' new blogpage, Westerns All'Italiana and the process led to this. I don't want to have a blog, I've got nothing to say. It's a Sunday morning in January, sunny outside, and Gene Autry is on the tv. Not too interesting, except that while everybody back east acts like it's 1938, with airplanes and cars and suits, while Gene and his cronies out west are stuck in the 1880's and ride horses, carry guns, and settle their problems with shootouts. Crazy stuff.
LAST MOVIE SEEN Theatrically, that is, was Gran Torino, the latest and possibly last from Clint Eastwood. SPOILER AHEAD! I liked it, but would have preferred a rough-and-tumble shootout at the ending, with Clint stalking through the gang's house with his .357 Magnum blasting the bad guys. But that's just me. I guess that's why I like westerns. I like happy endings, and I guess GT had a happy ending; we all die, the only control we have is the method of checking out. Walt chose his, and it did some good, so here's to him. If he'd chosen my ending, he'd probably have gone to jail and coughed out his life in a prison hospital, so good for him.

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  1. Hey, amigo. I'm enjoying your posts. Keep 'em comin'