Tuesday, February 3, 2009


No, not Johnny or Edgar Winter (although ablinos do creep me out a bit), I mean the season. The last couple of mornings it's been down to thirty degrees! Ice on the windshield when I go out to go to work. I've been wearing a tee-shirt, a sweatshirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and gloves just to survive. It's like living on the ice planet Hoth. And to top things off, by noon it's warmed up to the extent I'm down to my tee shirt! It got up to 75 or so today, it's so schizo!
(That was mainly to piss off John and Raymie back east where they have REAL winters! Ha)
THE DARK KNIGHT was pretty good. Lots of cool action, and of course the Joker is in it. I've been hearing how great Heath Ledger is in it, and yeah, he was good, but a bit over-hyped perhaps. Put any actor in the makeup, doing the Joker schtick, and you'd have a winner. All he had to do was hunch over, roll his eyes, and lick his lips like his tongue was too big for his mouth. The Academy Awards are largely trivial, but for what it's worth I think Robert Downey Jr. was more impressive in TROPIC THUNDER as the Australian white guy playing the black guy in the movie. So DK was worth watching, but not something I'm looking for, for the shelf.
VANTAGE POINT was a good, mindless action movie. It has a nice THE KILLING style to it, taking you through twenty some minutes, then rewinding and starting the action again from a different point of view. It had some good surprises, a nice car chase, lots of local color (Spain from the air, Mexico down on the ground). I kept flashing on Dennis Quaid's performance, thinking of the film as a quasi-sequel to IN THE LINE OF FIRE. Some of Quaid's scowls reminded me of Clint's scowls. Liked it well enough to watch twice, once alone then again when my housemate was persuaded to watch it. Again though, don't want it for the llibrary. Twice was enough.

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