Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spaghetti Western Review

It's too bad Franco Rossetti didn't make more westerns; this is his only oater and it's a pretty good spaghetti western. I liked Chip Corman (Andrea Giordana) as Steve, El Desperado, who spends much of his screen time in a Confederate soldier uniform masquerading as a blind man's returning son. He's not, of course, he's really after a stash of gold the blind man has been saving, hidden in a ghost town that's right out of Django, all mud and muck. Pretty soon a gang shows up to waylay a Confederate payroll that's rolling through the town. The only negatives are the obligatory fistfight/barroom brawl and a scene where Desperado gets kicked around in the mud which goes on too long. The finale is great and makes up for quite a bit of the typical spaghetti hi-jinx which leaves non-fans of the genre cold. If you like pasta you'll dig this almost unknown gem. Recently released by Wild East, this has a good widescreen transfer and looks great!


  1. I could never believe the premise that the old blind man could not tell that Chip was not his real son.

  2. I like this one just fine; but, I can see Tom's point, too.
    I first saw this film projected on the wall of a school bus barn in Ripley, Oklahoma (circa '72 or '73). A lot of the imagery in the film stuck with me for years and years.

    I like Giordana a great deal---not only in this film, but even moreso in others like JOHNNY HAMLET and COST OF DYING. I wish he would have made even more Westerns.
    And I, too, think Rossetti should have made some more.