Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spaghetti Western Review

AND SARTANA KILLS THEM ALL (1971) d. Rafael Romero Marchent Cast: Gianni Garko, William Bogard, Raf Baldassare, Luis Induni, Lorenzo Robledo
This episodic entry in the Sartana series, starring the always excellent Garko is actually nothing of the sort. Only the name survives from the true Sartana series; this Sartana is just as quick with the gun, but he's rarely in control of situations, has no aces up his sleeves, and is saddled with friends and acquaintances with whom he has relationships. This is a hard-edged buddy film. Sartana and his friend Marcos (William Bogard) are low-key crooks, double crossed by their gang, sought by a sheriff and his deputies, and looking for $100,000 of loot which changes hands several times during the action. Along the way they pick up a girl (Maria Silva) who happily joins in the double crossing and stealing. Toss in the nastiest frontier family since the Cleggs in Ford's WAGONMASTER, an invalid old man and his four psychotic, murderous sons, and you have a tough-edged spaghetti western that isn't sure if it's a comedy or a drama. Good stuff abounds for the fan of the genre here; great location shooting, lots of familiar faces in the cast (including Robledo, the "most killed man in the movies"), a catchy theme song ("C'mon Amigo, let's go, let's go...") that had me humming the tune for days afterward, and tons of spaghetti action. To me it was quite enjoyable; to friends of mine it was uneven and disappointing. You decide. (Also known as Un Par de Asesinos, And Santana Kills Them All)

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