Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spaghetti Western Review

There is something missing from this 1969 Italian oater. Tab Hunter is pretty good as Durango, an ex-sheriff whose dreams of marriage are shattered when his fiancé and her family are massacred during a robbery. His hunting down and killing the perpetrators should be more fun than it is; the film seems claustrophobic, as much of the action takes place in confined areas, including a warehouse for the final showdown. Erica Blanc is fine as Joanne, Durango's former girlfriend who owns a saloon (!) but she sings snatches of a terrible song at least twice. Either she's saddled with a terrible voice or her dubber is, for the monotone lyrics are cut away from as soon as possible. The great Peiro Lulli turns up as a villain, and Mimmo Palmara and other familiar faces fill the screen. The music is suitably spaghetti, with the blaring trumpets and guitar chords, but Hunter, a fine rider, looks ridiculous on the small horse he's given to ride early on, and the sexual hi-jinx late in the film seem juvenile and out of place. Overall, a film that MST3K would have had a blast mocking. Serious students of the genre will find much to enjoy here, but others beware!


  1. I recently had the chance to see this film for the first time---and I have to say that I think it is absolutely one of the worst Spaghetti Westerns I have ever seen.
    Even worse than most of Fidani's films!
    I think what was most frustrating about it is that Tab Hunter had great Spaghetti Western potential, but he is ill-used here. There were a couple of sequences that had promise (the hanging scene was interesting); but, nothing ever really paid off.
    Of course, I had to see this one at least once; but, I doubt that I will ever view it again.

  2. Agree with both of you. The film doesn't work and Hunter like Audie Murphy in THE TEXICAN just doesn't fit in with the Italian and Spanish actors.