Friday, April 10, 2009

Spaghetti Western Review

Shango is a typical Anthony Steffen spaghetti western, beautifully photographed with great music, lots of sweaty Mediterranean actors posing as Mexicans, bad dubbing, and a sneering Eduardo Fajardo as a Confederate Major who is reluctant to see the south go down in defeat (a staple of these pasta oaters!). Lots of gun play, hurtling stunt men, put-upon villagers, and the reliable Steffen as Shango, a Texas Ranger who just wants folks to believe that the war is over. Good production values, great sets, fine music and lots of action make this one a winner, if you like spaghetti westerns. Franco Cleef's restoration is fine with only an unavoidable slight hiss on the soundtrack.


  1. I can see Shango going around town saying, "Can't we all just get along?"

    Was Eduardo Fajardo in every western Steffen made? If not he only absent in one or two.

  2. I used to absolutely hate SHANGO!
    Then, one day, that guy named Franco Cleef came out with his widescreen restoration version. I gave it another viewing and I found that I liked it OK. But, just OK.
    I can think of any number of Steffen films I would rather see again than this one, though.
    And SHANGO is better than a couple of Steffens that I hope I don't have to sit through again (TOO MUCH GOLD FOR ONE GRINGO..for example! Yikes!).
    But, I am definitely glad that Franco Cleef put this one out!